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Mount Everest.info aims to be the best online resource for everything Mount Everest. Whether you’re a journalist, aspiring climber, or just a curious “armchair explorer”, you’ll find something to interest you – based on facts, not fiction.

Our mission is to inspire and educate people about the world’s tallest mountain – for free. We are written by those who have climbed it themselves – or who have extensive experience of life on the mountain.

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Coming soon! We have secured several guest posts from contemporary mountaineers, professors and scientists who have in-depth knowledge of Everest. If you’d like to be featured on the site then please contact us.

Our founder, Graham Hoyland, was the 15th Briton to climb Everest, and has spent a total of over two years on the mountain. He created MountEverest.info as a free educational resource, for all those interested in the mountain and its history. He continues to give talks, write about the mountain, and has been featured in several documentaries. For more information, please contact us.