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Has a Dog Really Climbed Everest? First Dog Records

In 2013 news headlines barked “Meet Rupee, the First Dog to ever Climb Mt. Everest!”, “Rescue dog climbs Mount Everest!”, and “First Pooch to the summit!” The stories introduced the “Slumdog Mountaineer”, and invited us to suspend our disbelief. But it was all…untrue. Contrary to popular claims, a dog has never climbed to the summit … Read more

Elizabeth Hawley: How an American Journalist became Everest’s Record Keeper

One of the most interesting women involved with Mount Everest never climbed a mountain in her life, and never even reached Base Camp. But without Liz Hawley’s seal of approval, you hadn’t climbed the mountains you just claimed you had. Elizabeth “Liz” Hawley became the Kathmandu-based chronicler of all the Himalayan expeditions that came to … Read more